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Storm Bee

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Rapid acceleration



Effective range ( on road condition )



Huge power

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Storm the competitionBe the best

Sur-Ron sets a new standard for high-performance electric off-road motorcycles. The Storm Bee is a work of art, meticulously crafted for power, performance, and aesthetics. Jump on board and you will feel immediately at home. Fast, agile and ready to race or ride on the streets. It’s the perfect choice.

All terrain. All of the time.

Fully adjustable performance suspension system

Go the distance

The Storm Bee has an impressive 100+KM range per charge.

Extra boost

The Storm Bee features a “Turbo mode” for maximum attack. Flick the switch and hang on.


The Storm Bee has high-performance, adjustable 47mm upside down front forks giving 290mm effective travel up front. The rear shock absorber gives 115mm of travel along with multiple adjustment for your riding conditions. Sur-Ron gives you the ability to fine tune your Storm Bee’s suspension so you can get the max from your new bike.


The Storm Bee's exclusive high-strength, lightweight frame structure and ergonomic design are built for ultimate perfomance. The Storm Bee's unsprung low weight takes advantage of the compact three-layer design configuration of the battery pack, MCU, and motor, whilst the 45° steering angle and 1430mm wheelbase improve the steering and handling for both on and off-road riding.

Choose your mode

The Storm Bee has a range of modes to ensure your performance is maximised.

Rain mode

For rainy days you need to keep your torque under control. The RAIN mode reduces the Storm Bee's power while also allowing you to use the built-in ASR ( Traction Control ) to keep the rear wheel from spinning.

Eco mode

The ECO mode reduces the power output to keep the bike as efficient as possible for maximum range, allowing you to stay on the road or track for longer.

Sports mode

Aggression mode! This is the Storm Bee's purest form, and will provide you with the best and most enjoyable experience. Pure adrenaline. Pure joy.

Turbo mode

Let the beast loose. The TURBO mode was created specifically for riders who wish to push the Storm Bee to its limits. To keep you at the front, the motor will provide strong bursts of maximum power and torque.

Reverse mode

Sur-Ron Storm Bees come standard with a reverse mode which helps you get out of those sticky situations.

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