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Brand: Surron

Storm the competition
The Surron Storm Bee sets a new standard for high-performance electric motorcycles. With beastly torque and agile handling, this machine unleashes uncaged power for total riding domination.

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Unleash Your Inner Thrill Seeker with the Surron Storm Bee

Experience unmatched acceleration with the Surron Storm Bee electric motorcycle. This high-performance machine delivers 0-50mph in just 3.6 seconds thanks to its potent 520 Nm of torque.

With a top speed over 60mph, you’ll storm past the competition on this lightweight yet powerful ride. The Storm Bee’s range exceeds 100km on a single charge so you can keep pushing the limits all day long.

Take on any terrain with confidence thanks to the fully adjustable front and rear suspension. Dial in the perfect settings for your riding style. When things get bumpy, rely on the 290mm of front wheel travel and 115mm rear to smooth it out.

Multiple ride modes allow you to customize your experience. Eco mode maximizes range for all-day adventures while Turbo mode unleashes the Storm Bee’s full fury with intense bursts of power. Rain mode keeps things under control in slick conditions.

Experience the thrill of going 0-50 in under 4 seconds! Feel the massive torque propel you up hills with ease. Surron sets a new standard for electric off-road performance. The Storm Bee is built for speed, range and control across the most demanding trails and streets. Unleash your inner thrill seeker and take command of this cutting-edge ride. Surron Storm Bee – A New Breed of Electric Power.

Surron Storm Bee R (Road)

The Surron Storm Bee R is optimized for street riding with its all-terrain tires and focus on stability. ABS and traction control come standard to handle paved roads. The powerful 22.5kW motor provides rapid acceleration while the 100km range lets you ride all day. With a top speed of 110km/h, it storms down the highway.

Surron Storm Bee T (Trails)

The Storm Bee T brings serious off-road performance with its knobby tires and rugged build. The lightweight 127kg curb weight improves handling on trails while the 290mm of suspension travel smooths out bumps. It shares the same powerful drivetrain as the R model with 22.5kW of power. Traction control keeps you moving over loose terrain.

Surron Storm Bee E (Enduro)

The Enduro edition Storm Bee allows you to ride farther with its dual sport tires and extended range. The taller 975mm seat improves comfort over long distances. With 20% more ground clearance than the R model, it tackles rocky trails. The E retains the muscular 22.5kW motor with a smooth delivery for cruising. Go the extra mile with the Storm Bee E.


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Storm Bee T (Trail), Storm Bee E (Enduro), Storm Bee R (Road)