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Ultra Bee

Reaching new heights! The all new power house from Surron.

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Super lightweight design



Go the distance



Unmatched power

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Performance like never before

Prepare for unparalleled electric performance with the all-new Surron Ultra Bee! This medium-sized marvel is powered by Surron's cutting-edge propulsion system, ensuring accurate maneuverability, seamless power transmission, and the capability to tackle any off-road challenge due to the incorporated Surron Traction Control System (SRTC). Building upon the accomplishments of its forerunners, the Ultra Bee promises to elevate your riding experience like never before.

Anywhere, any time

Experience the ultimate in off-road versatility with the ability to go anywhere and conquer any terrain!

Go the distance

Stretch your boundaries and cover more ground. The Ultra Bee boasts an impressive range of over 140+KM (87 miles)!

Extra boost

pulse-pounding excitement with breakneck acceleration, propelling you into a breathtaking high-performance adventure!

This one's for the adventure seekers

Prepare for a heart-pumping journey featuring a racetrack-inspired braking system, providing unparalleled stopping force on any trail!

Additionally, Surron's innovative front and TR rear suspension systems enable you to unlock your true capabilities, empowering you to speed up, soar higher, and triumph over all terrains. Immerse yourself in the supreme experience!

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Short wheelbase.
Ride easy. Turn easy.

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High ground clearance
Superb handling.

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Top speed.
'Bee' the fastest.

The ultimate POWERHOUSE

Experience the thrill of unparalleled power with the Surron 4th generation powertrain, specially designed for the Ultra Bee. Its unique full isolated electrical architecture ensures a smooth, interference-free ride, while the combination of a 74V55AH battery pack and 12.5KW / 440N.m torque drivetrain make this electric bike a beast on the trails or track. Get ready to push your limits to the max with the lightning-fast Ultra Bee!

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