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SURRON ULTRA BEE SIDE STAND AXLE BOLT – Genuine OEM factory side stand axle bolt. This is the bolt that holds the side stand on to the frame. It has a threaded section for the sensor switch bolt to locate.

  1. L Footpeg Assy. | Part number: 42110-YQ5A-0000
  2. Top Side Stand Pin | Part number: 41555-YQ2A-0000
  3. L Footpeg Bracket | Part number: 42112-YQ5A-0000
  4. Footpeg Spring | Part number: 42115-YQ5A-0000
  5. Footpeg INST. Pin | Part number: 42116-YQ5A-0000
  6. Washer B4001 d10 | Part number: B4-001-10-F0
  7. E-type Circlip B4007 d8 | Part number: B4-007-08-F0
  8. L Footpeg | Part number: 42111-YQ5A-0000
  9. Screw B3001 M8*25 | Part number: B3-001-08-025-F0
  10. Cable Tie 36150 | Part number: 81147-YQ2A-0000
  11. Screw B3002 M5*10 | Part number: B3-002-05-010-F0
  12. Side Stand Switch Clip | Part number: 81138-YQ2A-0000
  13. Side Stand Spring | Part number: 41556-YQ5A-0000
  14. BOTTOM Side Stand Pin | Part number: 41555-YQ2A-0000
  15. Nut B2007 M10*1.25 | Part number: B2-007-10-F2
  16. Side Stand Washer | Part number: 41558-YQ5A-0000
  17. Side Stand | Part number: 41550-YQ5A-0000
  18. Side Stand Axle | Part number: 41559-YQ5A-0000
  19. Washer FB09002 d6d12 | Part number: FB09-002-06-16-02-F0
  20. Side Stand Switch | Part number: 23410-YQ5A-0000
  21. Washer FB09002 d6d15 | Part number: FB09-002-06-15-01-F2
  22. Screw B3002 M6*20 | Part number: B3-002-06-020-F0

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