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SURRON ULTRA BEE SIDE STAND SWITCH SENSOR – Side stand, prop stand, sensor switch. If you cannot start your bike with the ignition ON and the Kill switch in the ON position with your side stand up, there is a good chance that your side stand sensor switch is faulty. This is a direct replacement OEM factory part which should take ten minutes to fit.

  1. L Footpeg Assy. | Part number: 42110-YQ5A-0000
  2. Top Side Stand Pin | Part number: 41555-YQ2A-0000
  3. L Footpeg Bracket | Part number: 42112-YQ5A-0000
  4. Footpeg Spring | Part number: 42115-YQ5A-0000
  5. Footpeg INST. Pin | Part number: 42116-YQ5A-0000
  6. Washer B4001 d10 | Part number: B4-001-10-F0
  7. E-type Circlip B4007 d8 | Part number: B4-007-08-F0
  8. L Footpeg | Part number: 42111-YQ5A-0000
  9. Screw B3001 M8*25 | Part number: B3-001-08-025-F0
  10. Cable Tie 36150 | Part number: 81147-YQ2A-0000
  11. Screw B3002 M5*10 | Part number: B3-002-05-010-F0
  12. Side Stand Switch Clip | Part number: 81138-YQ2A-0000
  13. Side Stand Spring | Part number: 41556-YQ5A-0000
  14. BOTTOM Side Stand Pin | Part number: 41555-YQ2A-0000
  15. Nut B2007 M10*1.25 | Part number: B2-007-10-F2
  16. Side Stand Washer | Part number: 41558-YQ5A-0000
  17. Side Stand | Part number: 41550-YQ5A-0000
  18. Side Stand Axle | Part number: 41559-YQ5A-0000
  19. Washer FB09002 d6d12 | Part number: FB09-002-06-16-02-F0
  20. Side Stand Switch | Part number: 23410-YQ5A-0000
  21. Washer FB09002 d6d15 | Part number: FB09-002-06-15-01-F2
  22. Screw B3002 M6*20 | Part number: B3-002-06-020-F0

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