Brand: Surron

Meet the Sur-Ron Light Bee (L1E): Europe’s answer to road-legal rebellion on two wheels. Urban grit meets off-road prowess, backed by a punchy 250N.m torque. Think you know electric biking? Think again. Dive into the ride of your life.

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Redefine your riding experience with the Sur-Ron Light Bee (L1E). Fully compliant with all European driving regulations, this electric bike is not just a machine of sheer power and agility, but also 100% road-legal. Whether you’re cruising through urban streets or venturing off-road, the Light Bee (L1E) promises performance without boundaries. With a forceful 250N.m of torque, expect an effective cruising range of over 100km.

Driven by Sur-Ron’s advanced EIC system, the Light Bee (L1E) is powered by a high-power 18650 cell battery pack that ensures safe, reliable, and extended rides. With a peak rotation speed of 5400 rpm and protected to IP55 standards, this bike’s motor is a symbol of raw performance. The FOC Sine Wave Controller ensures smoother power delivery and immense torque, further boosted by ReGen for extended ranges.

Navigate seamlessly from European city streets to rugged trails. The bike’s LCD dashboard keeps you well-informed, and the LED headlights, indicators, and brake lights ensure you’re always visible. For the more adventurous paths, the triple rate coil spring front suspension with a 200mm effective travel is ready to cushion your journey, providing unmatched stability.

Its agility is unparalleled with a 1,260mm short wheelbase, allowing you to swerve past any obstacle, while a 270mm ground clearance ensures exceptional handling. The lightweight 48T sprocket amplifies torque for those pulse-quickening accelerations.

The Light Bee (L1E) is the culmination of expertise, with design inputs from professional riders and technical staff. Its multi-link rear suspension system ensures your ride can be fine-tuned for any terrain, from city streets to race tracks.

With the Sur-Ron Light Bee (L1E), you’re not just embracing an electric bike – you’re embracing the future of silent yet mighty riding. A fusion of cutting-edge technology and lightweight materials, it’s primed to set new benchmarks in the electric bike industry. The journey to your perfect ride starts and ends here.

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Black, Blue, Silver, Purple