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SURRON ULTRA BEE MID SHAFT – Genuine OEM factory replacement mid shaft. Complete with bearings, seals and spacer ready to direct fit your primary drive pulley and secondary drive front sprocket. Sprocket and pulley available separately if required.

TIP : Midshaft failures are normally caused by either the pulley mounting bolts or more commonly, the secondary drive front sprocket bolts becoming loose. Regular checks of these bolts will help prevent any damage. To be sure the bolts do not come loose, use a Loctite thread lock or change the M6 20 bolts for titanium lockwire bolts.

  1. Mid. Shaft Bushing | Part number: 61233-YQ5A-0000
  2. Screw B3002 M6*20 | Part number: B3-002-06-020-F0
  3. Mid. Shaft Output Sprocket | Part number: 13105-YQ5A-0000
  4. Mid. Shaft Assy. | Part number: 61280-YQ5A-0000
  5. Seal Ring B7001 d2028 | Part number: B7-001-20-28-06
  6. Bearing Z6002 d1532 | Part number: Z-6002-2RS-32-15-09
  7. Mid. Shaft Mid. Bushing | Part number: 61282-YQ5A-0000
  8. Mid. Shaft | Part number: 61281-YQ5A-0000
  9. Seal Ring B7001 d2033 | Part number: B7-001-20-33-07
  10. Primary Drive Belt Rear Pulley | Part number: 13202-YQ5A-0000
  11. Screw B3001 M6*16 | Part number: B3-001-06-016-F0
  12. Primary Drive Belt | Part number: 13111-YQ5A-0000

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