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SURRON LIGHT BEE X LBX LB1e JACK / MID SHAFT – Factory original OEM part. Not difficult to fit, just take your time and you should be ok. This is the primary drive pulley part which uses the drive belts as per when the bike was supplied new. If you have converted your Light Bee to a chain primary drive, then you will just need to swap over your mid shaft sprocket before you re-assemble the mid shaft back in to your Light Bee..

Complete with secondary chain drive 14T front sprocket already fitted.

Factory original part

High quality, high strength and the latest design.


  1. O-Ring Chain (420-106 Links) | Part number: 13114-YQ2A-0600
    • Chain (420-106 Links) | Part number: 13114-YQ2A-0000
    • O-Ring Chain (420-112 links) | Part number: 13114-YQ2A-0700
  2. Mid. Shaft R Bushing | Part number: 61234-YQ2A-0001
  3. Screw (M6*25) | Part number: B3-003-06-025-F0
  4. Mid. Shaft R Oil Seal (Φ15-Φ24-7) | Part number: B7-001-15-24-07
  5. Secondary Drive Front Sprocket (14T) | Part number: 13105-YQ2A-0000
  6. Mid. Shaft Assy. | Part number: 61280-YQ2A-0001
  7. Mid. Shaft Bearing | Part number: Z-6000-2Z-26-10-08
  8. Mid. Shaft Inner Bushing | Part number: 61282-YQ2A-0000
  9. Mid. Shaft L Oil Seal (Φ15-Φ26-6) | Part number: B7-001-15-26-6
  10. Primary Drive Rear Pulley | Part number: 13202-YQ2A-0200
  11. Mid. Shaft L Bushing | Part number: 61233-YQ2A-0001
  12. Screw (M6*16) | Part number: B3-001-06-016-F0
  13. Primary Belt(GATES) | Part number: 13111-YQ2A-0400
  14. Primary Chain Drive Front Sprocket (13T) | Part number: 13211-YQ2A-0000
  15. Primary Chain Drive Rear Sprocket (30T) | Part number: 13212-YQ2A-0000
  16. Primary Chain (420-42links) | Part number: 13117-YQ2A-0000
  17. Mid. Shaft Assy. + Secondary Chain Drive Front Sprocket (14T)+ Primary Drive Rear Pulley | Part number: 61270-YQ2A-Z1

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